Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today :: Gingerbread Cookies

today :: gingerbread cookies

On this cloudy and cool December day we decided that gingerbread cookies were in order since we're only two days away from the "big night" and our visitor just might like a little snack. We started with simple gingerbread dough and made a quick batch of royal icing for decorating.

today :: gingerbread cookies

I had tons of help...my main job was to stand around with the camera and try to capture what I could with what little light was available. (I'd love a house with great big windows and flooding natural light....sigh) The kids took turns rolling and cutting and pressing in the chocolate chip buttons. They also took turns spreading as much flour, dough, and icing around my kitchen as possible....oh my.

today :: gingerbread cookies

They helped me remove them from the oven and put them on cooling racks....

today :: gingerbread cookies

And, of course, the decorating...LOTS of icing and chocolate chips
and even more finger-licking, face-dirtying goodness!

today :: gingerbread cookies

today :: gingerbread cookies

I let them decorate all by themselves....they did a really good job.
Most of the little gingerbread men were happy as can be...

today :: gingerbread cookies

...while a couple of others weren't quite so happy and one was slightly over-dressed. :)

today :: gingerbread cookies

today :: gingerbread cookies

They looked really pretty all lined up on the wax paper
in front of my kitchen Christmas tree.
So pretty in fact, that I had to have just one with my afternoon coffee. YUM!

nom nom....so yummy

After having my coffee with my back to the scene below.....
I knew we {I} had a big job in front of us!

today :: gingerbread cookies

Gladly, after lots of help with sweeping, wiping and putting away,
the kitchen looked great again.

today ::  gingerbread cookies


Caroline said...

How wonderful! This just put a BIG smile on my face today! Have a blessed holiday...so glad to have meet you this year in "blogland."

MrsMama said...

LOL love the unhappy, overdressed cookies. Very cute! Also love the before and after kitchen shots. I'll take 2 overdressed cookies and one of those clean kitchens with my coffee, please. :)

Merry Christmas!

Char said...

i love this. the kids and cookies are both adorable.

i hope you have the most beautiful christmas ever.

...they call me mommy... said...

I love this post...the before & after!!! I love making gingerbread...


Merriest Christmas, Sandra!

...they call me mommy... said...

I said 'love' 3 times! Don't we all we need a little love?! LOL! :)

radiantreflections said...

This is so wonderful!! They look fantastic, and love the before and after shots! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas xo

Cora said...

I'm sure all the mess and work cleaning up was well worth the time and happiness spent with your children. Beautiful moments to savor and some cookies with a great flavor!!

Jessica said...

Those gingerbread men turned out great! I didn't get to making them this year...but who says they are only for Christmas!