Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It was a picnic kind of day...

it was a picnic kind of day

That is just what today was. We started our day as usual, completed our school work around noon, then made ourselves a picnic so we could go outside and enjoy our lunch in the beautiful weather.

we ate with chopsticks

We even ate with chopsticks....Fun!

Claire finally gave up on her chopsticks and reached for a fork to eat her scrambled eggs (yep, that's what she wanted ;)

she finally gave up and went with a fork

Ethan, Isaac, and Emma all had sandwiches with their favorite fixin's.

I couldn't leave those fresh flowers in the house by I brought them out for us to enjoy in that divine early fall sunlight. I do love this time of year....sigh.

fresh flowers, too.

Next up - reading!

09 09 09 023

We had some fruit while the boys took turns reading the last book in a series of books by Bruce Coville. We have really enjoyed these books....even the girls.

09 09 09 027

I borrowed a really cute new book from the library about Scaredy Cats...a little family of felines who are afraid of everything, but learn in the end that it's good to be brave. I'm hoping the little message these kitties have to tell will help tame Emma's newly-found six year old phobias :)

reading a book

And as we finished with lunch and reading and we were sitting around on my thrifted quilt, enjoying the slight breeze in the shade of our backyard oak tree while talking to each other, I see these sweet, happy faces smiling back at me.

happy girl


The joy that comes from the privilege of being home with them every day nearly fills my heart to overflowing.....I love them so. I love our days, our routine, our lessons, our togetherness. How blessed this life is.


pasta and veggies

On another note.....Wondering what I'm eating during our picnic? Since I said that I'd share more about what I'm eating and how those changes are working for me, I thought I'd let you know what this is :)

I've given up dairy and animal products, but I have had a little fish. I've only been using extra virgin olive oil for fat, some flax oil as a supplement, and eating only fresh fruits and veggies with just a bit of some type of whole grain for my meals.

This is what I had for both breakfast and lunch today (some days I just don't feel like oatmeal) and it is simple, easy, and yummy.

I have no recipe, but can tell you how I put it together:

I put just a pinch of whole grain pasta on to cook while I cut up one small onion, a whole zucchini squash, one piece of celery and about 3 ounces of mushrooms - all sliced on my mandolin slicer (I love that thing!). I added a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and sauteed all the veggies until they were just tender then I tossed in my pasta and seasoned with salt and pepper. (I shoot for a ratio of 10-20% pasta and 80-90% veggies) YUM!

Simple, fresh, honest food (falling in line quite perfectly with some macrobiotic cookbooks I've been reading) has been my goal. I've begun the process of being more mindful of what I'm putting in my body and where it came from and what energy and life I expect from it. Now, I just wait for the results???

I'm sure they are to come :)


Hope everyone is having a beautiful week and I hope you all get a chance to have a "picnic kind of day" very soon!


Jessica said...

It looks like the perfect picnic day!

fromthedepthsofacreativeheart said...

What wonderful, wonderful day! And you're lunch looked really, really tasty. ;-D

Amy said...

That could have been a day at our house. I adore picnics. The extra work of moving things outdoors are so worth the lack of indoor clean-up time and the fresh air and sunshine always revive my spirits. Along with the beautiful faces, of course.

Love your photos here! And good for you, Sandra, with your diet changes!!

"Dove" said...

Hooray for you, taking the time to enjoy these last warm days and making the most of them with a picnic, flowers, and books. Can't think of anything more lovely to add into the mix.

I'm glad you shared your recipe because I stared at the first photo wondering why you had pickles in your spaghetti. :) Ha! Zucchini...duh!

Your cooking inspires me. I'm tired lately, and that is an understatement of epic proportion. We're trying to start school while finishing up a remodel, and I can hardly stay awake. I'm grumpy too. :( I realize that in the crazy days and weeks of late we have been eating way too much junk...packaged foods, fast foods, and too many sweets. We've been going for "easy", but the end result of a terrible diet isn't easy at all! It's tiring.

Thanks for the motivation. Keep those good ideas for healthy eating coming. Your veggie mix looks delicious. I'm tempted to say it's too much work, but really, being healthy IS work, and it's worth it!!! It gives you the energy and joyful spirit to enjoy a day with a book, a boy, a blanket, and a bloom. :) But no pickles in pasta.

Liss said...

I think picnics are special no matter where you have them. What a perfect way to spend a day with your children and learn at the same time.

I want to read scaredy cats too.

randi said...

This sounds like a fun idea! Sometimes I need to add new things into our day or we get bored. I am filing this away until such a day--probably next week! :)

Cora said...

You will never regret these special simple moments in life spent with your children! Enjoy them to the fullest! I hope to get to do this with some grandchildren one day! :-)

beth said...

I think we should treat everyday as a picnic day as this was absolutely beautiful in every way....I think today will be a good one because of your inspiration....

andie said...

Awesome! I love, love, LOVE the photos from your special day.

Julie said...


I have an award for you over at my blog today. Feel free to play along, or if you don't want to, know that I love your blog, your honesty and your creativity. =)

Have a great day!!