Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Week In Review

Feeling Cozy....for Things I Love Thursday

I really loved all these warm and cozy images I found as I was browsing around over at Flickr the other morning and had to put them together in this collage. I can't wait until it's cool enough here to have a cozy fire every day. We've only been cool enough to light the fireplace once and even then it wasn't really needed.....just wanted. This time of year just puts me in nesting mode I think.

As for me...I only thought I was feeling better as of my last post on Sunday night. By Monday morning - it was ten times worse. Terrible, terrible... I finally gave in and called my doctor because I can't sit in a chair all day, every day, with four kids watching me with sad eyes. My nurse thought I needed to be checked for strep, but I doubted it seriously since never once have I had strep throat. So, on Tuesday morning when it was even worse, I decided to let her check it and guess what - strep it was! I have no idea where it came from, but I hope I never get it again! After filling a prescription {uggh!}, I felt nearly brand new by Thursday morning . SO much better, finally!

Tuesday morning was also spent (before I made it to my doctor) quickly taking Isaac to the doctor for a serious reaction to Bactrim, an antibiotic that was prescribed for an infection in his moderate/severe eczema. Uggh...that was one scary situation. By God's grace, we were spared a very serious condition. After a dizzying amount of Benadryl to counteract his allergy to the sulfa-drug (that was only lessened due to the steroids that he had also taken) our re-check on Wednesday morning went well. Of course that story could go on for a long time, and I may come back to it in the future as we evaluate his condition after a totally natural approach to caring for his eczema. Thankfully, he is doing much better now, with hardly a sign of the reaction.

Friday was spent packing my guys up for the youth hunting weekend here in Alabama. It's always scheduled for the week prior to the actual opening of hunting season.....Let the season begin! I drove them over to meet their dad at work and they left for the hunting camp from there. They were SO excited! After that, my mom and my girls and me went for lunch and some shopping at the Bass Pro Shop. I actually came out with several items crossed off my gift list this year. I'm thinking that I may just have it all done by Thanksgiving! I surely hope so because holiday shopping after Thanksgiving is no fun for me. I'm certainly not a 'Black Friday' kind of girl - regardless of sale prices!


While we were there we took some time to play around in the Santa's Workshop area. Santa, of course, only makes his appearance in the evenings, so we had it all to ourselves.

at Santa's door

talking to elves

You can give the elves your wish list, right?

she's a serious artist!

We spent a little time coloring some of the Christmas pages set up on the craft tables. Emma is such a serious little artist....this is what she is doing with almost every ounce of her spare time at home. I'll have to make a point to share some of her artwork here soon. Some of it is just great!


Of course the girls had to play for a minute in the camping section. I think they may want to add this little pup tent to their wish list.


Saturday morning was beautiful outside, a little cool, and the perfect time for me to go out with my dad for some yard sale shopping and some lunch. We spent the day hopping from sale to sale, picking up some neat stuff along the way.

yard sale finds!
(not in the photo is a pretty blue, crocheted, afghan that I found...I put it straight in the wash)

My dad and I had lunch together and then as we were leaving the restaurant parking lot, we got the chance to admire a whole group of antique cars that were just arriving. We slowly made our way home in the afternoon, stopping at a few more sales with needful things. ;)

While out and about, my cell phone rang and it was my husband calling to let me know that Isaac got an eight point buck on his first morning out! He was incredibly excited to say the least! When Isaac called me later in the evening he was announcing his plans to have him hanging in the living room very soon! (that's alright, I I may have to redo their bedroom in camouflage and transplant that big trophy in there! We'll have to see ;)

This beautiful Sunday morning has found me fairly well rested after several nights of not being able to sleep. I've had my coffee, my visit with my mom and dad, some quiet time, done some Christmas shopping... internet style, uploaded some photos, ordered myself some shoes (I can't wait to get them), and now I'm baking some chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies for Claire. I still have all the yard sale finds waiting to be put away, some laundry needing to be washed, and some tidying up to do in this house before my guys come home with all their hunting clutter and that big eight-point! I've also got to take some time and work on my Lens.Us.Together photo for this week and possibly a photo for SPC. Nothing like a last minute entry, right?

I hope your weekend has been wonderful!


clairedulalune said...

Hello Sandra! I love your choices from flickr, it is fantastic! I love the look on Emmas face, I would love to see her work! She looks very dedicated! You also found some fantastic finds! I love going to yard sales and places like that, someones trash is another persons tresure right? So glad you are feeling better, you sounded quite sick! Hope all is well!

Deven said...

I'm glad you're better, girl! And what a fun time you had this weekend! That's a great yardsaling score. Love it when you find the good stuff. And way to go, Isaac!

Char said...

wow - sounds like an incredibly busy week! I'm so glad that you and Isaac both are doing much better. You got a great haul at the yard sales too. I need to do more of those as you and others are so inspiring with your finds.

hope you have a beautiful week this week!

spread your wings said...

you make me tired just reading about it all! so glad you are feeling better.

Madelynsmum said...

So, so busy! But sounds good, and glad you are feeling better :-)
What is black Friday?
Love all the shots of the girls at Santas workshop!