Tuesday, March 9, 2010

for the love of spring....


your first whispers are long-awaited

your sweet scents are divine

you warm my heart and mind and body

you're a brand new chapter, full of possibility


you are simple but grand, your beauty unequaled

the love letters you write sustain me throughout the year

oh ~ the love letters spring can write....

your visit is fleeting

you, my dearest spring, bring me back to life


just dropping in to say hello. i've been enjoying my down time so much.
i've just been taking it easy, getting back to lessons with the kids, reading lots of great books, writing a little, taking just a few photographs, impatiently awaiting spring's arrival, enjoying blogging with Kylie, posting just a bit over at my photography blog, thinking about and meditating on many things that have weighed heavily on my mind recently, trying hard to live in the moment and pay attention to all the little details of life all around me.

right now i'm just so happy to see some spring color scattered about....new camellia blossoms, tiny green leaves beginning to sprout on the trees, red bud trees preparing to show their gorgeous color, pear trees wearing veils of white, busy birds flying here and there, chirping and singing their happy spring tunes, and i'm especially loving the feeling that spring brings. The unmistakable knowing that everything is new again, that new beginnings are at hand, that the possibilities are virtually endless.