Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

be kind to yourself

I hope your new year has found itself off to a great start! I took the usual break for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and just couldn't find it in myself to step back into this space until now. The break away was just so good. You know, the everyday living...without any expectation, just taking it all in day by day. Sometimes a little break is just what the doctor ordered, right?

I think I could get used to the simple days of doing nothing but snapping a photo here and there. Doing just enough to keep us afloat - no more laundry than necessary, leftovers for dinner, playing, watching movies, listening to music, taking time for some art, eating desserts every day. Yep, that's what it's been like for two weeks here. We had a wonderful Christmas and the new year has been great so far - it's just c.o.l.d! I'm not complaining about that though - I do like cold weather. Anyway, today is the day to get back to reality. Let the normal routine resume.

Last year as the new year began, I picked a word for the year - Commitment. I really enjoyed choosing a word to focus on rather than a set of dreaded resolutions. I tried to remind myself of my chosen word at many times throughout my days and weeks of the year. I thought a lot about commitment through the year and I think that I will continue to keep it a part of my everyday thought process. So for this new year, I've chosen another word to keep with me on a daily basis. The word for this year is - Mindful.

Mindfulness is something that has been on my heart for quite some time now. I want to be in a present state of mind at all times, taking in the good and the bad, the big moments and the small moments. I want to be here... now. I don't want my thoughts to wander around in my head all day, thinking about all the things that I may wish I had, all the things I may wish I was doing, all the things that I let slip past my grateful heart day by day, month by month, and year by year. My life is not going in reverse, it seems to be going in fast-forward motion, as a matter of fact, and I don't want to forget all the little details that make it worth living. My children are growing so fast, my thirties are going so fast, months feel like days rather than a series of weeks, and the things I'm passionate about never seem to make it to the forefront of my life. I want to notice the details of my children - the little hands, the smiles, the kisses, the love. I want to notice the dailiness of my life - the cooking, the cleaning, the lessons, the errands, the messes. I want to pay much more attention to my health and making wiser choices. I want to "be kind to myself." I want to notice when things are seemingly perfect, when things are not. I want to be more mindful of the things that I feel passionate, writing, reading, art. I want to come to a place where I feel more comfortable with sharing those things rather than keeping so much of it secretly hidden away because I'm not feeling very confident about them (take that piece of artwork at the top of this post for example). I suppose I want to find me this year....wife, mother, and woman.

I want this year to be about taking things day by day. No rushing or expectations, no putting off, no pushing aside, no procrastination. I'd love to learn to absorb every minute of the life I've been given and to find myself completely fulfilled with everything it has to offer. I think I'm finally starting to realize that we're here only once. I've got one body, one life. That's all. What will this year bring? Better health, more gratitude, stronger commitment, closer relationships, more giving, lots of positive changes? I'm excited to find out!

What is your one word for the year....what are your resolutions?

I'm wishing you all a year to surpass your wildest expectations!


Char said...

i think i picked 'journey' much for the same reason you picked 'mindful' - i want to embrace all of my journey and remember always it's not the destination but the journey along the way. i love your words and the drawing.

randi said...

purposeful. i feel like i lose to much time dawdling and being a bit bored, not motivated. i want to capture this time and use it. spend time with hubs kids, learn more about photography, build my business and enjoy it, further friendships. i want to look back on this year and know that not much time was wasted!

Cora said...

My word is 'experience'. To experience it all, what ever is put before me, and to do it with satisfaction and learning.
You have a great word too. Very meaningful post.
You are right about your children gorwing up so daughter is now 24 and I can't tell you where the time's like I was spinning around in circles for the past 24 years.
Enjoy and embrace these times.

clairedulalune said...

Happy New Year to you Sandra! Procrastination was a major factor with me in 2009. Which leaves me with a lot of work to do in 2010! Nearing the end of last year I recieved a treasured surprise gift in the mail from a fellow blogger. (The kindness I have found on these blogs still astound me)It was a beautiful framed picture with the quote "Procrastination is the thief of time." Isn't it just? So now I look at the framed picture every morning as I wake and try my best to remember it! I just go out there and do it!But I want to be smiling doing it so my word this year is all about the FUN! Fun is my word! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

i have chosen the same word as you. it's a powerful word and a tall order as my brain is always in motion.
i want the same things you had mentioined in your post.
i hope we find them!

Julie said...

Oh, how I love every word. It's like you've been reading my mind, only you described it all much better than I could have. I know I'll feel this way even more after the baby comes...

Happy New Year! Yes, sometimes a break is EXACTLY what we need! Welcome back. =)

jess said...

I was kidnapped by the amazing photo up there. Did you make it?
Mindfulness, for me, is the art of indulging in every moment without overdosing on it. Mindfulness, for me, walks hand in hand with sensuality- not just the usual kind, but the sensory process of enjoyment in EVERYTHING.
I was just telling DH earlier that there is no way to experience every little thing in life- like the way the very early morning light blessed the snow and everything else it touched. He's a brickhead so I don't think he got it.

radiantreflections said...

Oh, the way you describe what you wish for this year and mindfulness is wonderful.
I had a big problem with procrastination this past year - I hope to change that.