Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Simply Today...


  • the fourth straight day of no sunshine, rain (ankle-deep flowing through the yard), fog, the worst humidity ever, warm temps, and total yucky-ness.
  • so nasty in fact, that my air conditioner has been on all day just to keep the humidity out
  • right now, as I type this post, the air is drying and the rain has stopped....I surely hope tomorrow is beautiful with lots of sunshine - it's time to start looking and feeling like Christmas already!

  • today was very low-key around here...laundry was first on the list
  • next was packing up a few things to mail out early in the morning
  • reading just a little, writing just a little
  • having coffee with my mom
  • finishing a couple of sewing projects and wrapping them up for giving

  • I made myself a recipe that I found here the other day. This is the fourth time I've made it since she posted it and I have to say that it may be my new favorite thing. I've been making mine with a handful of fresh kale or turnips since I didn't plant Swiss Chard this time around in the garden. The first time I made it my kids were curious about it and it turns out that they really like it, too. I made it for dinner that same night with chicken along side and everybody was happy. It's simple, quick, fresh, and tasty...you should try it!
  • tonight was spent having a quick dinner of leftovers with the girls since the guys are out hunting
  • after dinner we popped a bowl of popcorn and piled up together on the couch to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas...I do love Charlie Brown ;)
  • Finally, we made our way to the computer to try a little something that they've been wanting to do - I have to admit it is pretty cute! ;)


Liss said...

Oh the Charlie Brown Christmas episode brings back great childhood Christmas memories. Elfyourself looks fun a friend sent me the link the other day but I have not yet loaded our photo.

I hope you get some sunshine tomorrow.

Cora said...

The sun is shining in Ozark today!!!! YaY!
We're still soaked to the bone...but....

Charlie Brown is one of my faves too :)

Char said...

sounds like a beautiful evening - gathered together and Charlie Brown.

I'm celebrating the sun today too.

radiantreflections said...

I love all these thoughts and beautiful shots. Praying for some sunnier weather for you xo

Caroline said...

Sounds like a perfect day...we watched Charlie Brown last night too...it never goes out of style.

prashant said...
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gkgirl said...

i heart charlie brown
and i have to tell you how much
i love your banner photo!!
that is fantastic!

kanishk said...
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