Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Snapshots and Ramblings

We were finally able to light our first fire of the season this weekend. It wasn't extremely cold out, but the girls were so excited to help build the fire and since I came down with an ugly cold at the end of last week, including fever, the chills I kept experiencing couldn't wait to get near the warmth of the fire. My sweet hubby helped the kids get the logs in and had the fire all warm and toasty before he headed out with the boys to watch a high school football game. While they were gone, the girls and me just hung out on the couch with our feet up and watched The Grinch, one of our favorite movies.

first fire of the season

Sunday morning, after a long night of coughing and, well....misery, I went into the kitchen to make up some homemade chicken soup. I didn't use any measurements, I just added some water to my pot, tossed in a handful of lentils and barley, some carrots and diced chicken breasts, along with some sauteed onion and celery. I was looking for a cure or at least a big dose of relief and this soup did wonders for my throat and voice - or lack of voice I should say. As I think back, just the aroma of the onions and celery being sauteed together may be the key to a curing chicken is just heavenly and penetrates even the stuffiest of heads. It was so good and I ate (or drank) lots of it. The hot liquid really soothed my throat and made me feel so much better.

get well soup

The first weekend of November is behind us now along with several things that I wanted to do but wasn't well enough to go out and do. Mobile's Greek Fest was this weekend and I really wanted to go again this year for some more Spanakopita and Baklava among other yummy foods, my dearest cousin sister had a party that I had to pass on after looking forward to it all week, and a nearby neighborhood was having their annual yard sale that I wanted to browse through again this year since I seriously racked up on barely used "mall clothing" last year....jackets and all!

Anyhoo....I guess the up side would be that I am fairly well rested (thanks to nyquil), I had some time to finish reading a book that I've had on loan from the library for way too long, I read a bit more of another book that I've had on my bookshelf, I wrote in my journal, I stayed up late at night, I drank hot cocoa by the fire, I read books to my girls - even with my scratchy voice, I had some quiet time to myself to think in that mindful way, and we progressed a little more with my boys' math books in spite of my cold...we're so close to finished!

All in all - it was a very good, blessed weekend. I'm really hoping that this week will be the same. I'm also praying that Ms. Ida does some serious fizzling out in the Gulf of Mexico before she rears her ugly head around here! :(

A hurricane warning on the 9th of November? Craziness, I tell ya!


Autum said...

Your soup looks yummy! Hope you are all better soon and that Ida fizzles out!

Megan said...

I'm sooo jealous of the fire. We ended up falling in love with the one house we looked at that did NOT have a fire place. It is the one thing I wish we had!

luksky said...

Glad you are feeling better. Recently I read somewhere that eating hot peppers daily kept you from getting sick. It must be so, because since moving to Texas (hot peppers are in everything here) 2 years ago, I have never caught a cold. :-)

I have this feeling the waters are too cool for Ida to do much.

...they call me mommy... said...

I love how your 'snapshots' are like works of art, girl! :P

Hopefully, all the sickies will be COMPLETELY GONE! :)


Cora said...

So glad you are feeling better and I pray Ida does you no harm!

radiantreflections said...

Oh those shots are all beautiful Sandra.
I do hope you are feeling better soon (saw on FB that your still not well) and I will be praying that you are all kept safe from Ida.

Julie said...

That soup looks great and both pictures are so cozy! I hope you're feeling better! I hope Ida doesn't come bothering you either! =)

Amy said...

How do you manage to make even a cold sound cozy and tempting? Lovely fire and soup photos. All your photos have atmosphere. I always feel beautiful and cozy looking at them. Not me, beautiful, but the feeling of beauty. You know what I mean.
When I read the comment you left me and saw the heart at the end of your signature, I realized that we have just one more thing in common. I always sign my name with a heart after the "y." Now I've been coming over to your blog to copy and paste your heart into some of my posts occasionally. (Elisabeth just showed me the other day how to do it with my keypad.)
For all our differences, I think we really are soulmates. :) Can't you just imagine a day together - taking a photowalk through the leaves and then heading back to share tea by the fire? But then there is the matter of the miles between us... Sigh...
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Love, Amy

Char said...

looks as if you got your wish with Ida - as she decelerated a bunch before getting there - hope the rain passes your way quickly.

keep feeling better

Andrea, the collector said...

Sounds like not too bad of a way to recover from feeling down. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

Jessica said...

I hope you are doing a bit better- soup and a fire sound the like the perfect way to gather strength and heal up!

simply blogged said...

eek..hurricane! I hope you are all fine.

hungeryjack said...

Nice post - Sandra Hubby ..Keep Posting

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jess said...

Way too awesome... I love the afghan in the picture. My grandmother made most of her grandchildren one of those throughout her life. I love mine, but it's at my mother's. It needs to be here right now.
I haven't cooked with barley: do you drop a handful into the soup, or do you cook it first and then add it to the soup?

Sebrina said...

well doesn't this just look awesome and beautiful and yummy!!

Mary said...

yes, i had that crappy-whatever-it-is virus this past week. So glad you are feeling better. love your images!