Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving in Photos

Thanksgiving sky

First of all, the weather could not have been more perfect - it was gorgeous outside! Blue skies, cool breeze, leaves falling....the perfect Thanksgiving day.


We had our meal around midday at my parents' house with more than enough wonderful food to go around and tons of yummy desserts, too.

That left us with plenty of time in the afternoon to go outside and work off that meal play! The little ones were full of energy, so I went outside for a long while with my camera and followed them around.


They were ready to play and the first thing was to run after the football as Darrell threw it to them.....


It didn't' take too long before they made it into a contact sport......


and that resulted in lots of chasing - and even more contact!


After we'd had enough contact, we decided to walk over to my house for the kids to play. We started out with more football, but then the little ones grew tired of that and left Darrell and the older boys playing alone. (How did Ethan and Isaac escape my camera?? I think they have a joint effort in avoiding me these days...hmmpf!)

Bo started giving me a few lessons on some "kung fu moves." He's so funny!

kung fu moves

kung fu moves 2

After that, we ended up inside the chicken pen. The kids fed the hens and then chased them around for a while.

crazy kids :)

K feeding the chickens

11 26 09 062

After just a few minutes Bo found a fresh, warm egg in one of the nesting boxes and had to ask me....."Did that egg come out of you chicken???"

I can still hear him ask was so funny. He was amazed by how warm it was, lol!

"Did that egg come out of you chicken??"  LOL

"Yes, did!"

11 26 09 073

After we had enough playing around in the chicken pen, we were back in the yard to play around some more. Emma was testing out the limits of the hammock.....silly girl! Surprisingly, she didn't fall off.


Then they all ran off to ride the jeep while I walked around some more with my camera looking for something to shoot.

fun times

Then I found this confused beauty. I suppose she forgot that it was late November. Then again, that would be easy to forget with our back and forth weather pattern lately....being more warm than cold. As the sun was beginning to set and the air was cooling even more, I wonder if she realized that frost was predicted for the next morning?

Thanksgiving rose

Soon, it was time for the cousins to go home and our day to come to a close. The darkness had settled in and the Christmas lights came on. We spent a few minutes inside making hot cocoa to take out on the front yard bench with our girls. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

hot cocoa....while we look at the lights

11 26 09 093

After a day spent with family, visiting and talking, eating lots of wonderful food prepared by lots of wonderful cooks, playing outside with the kids all afternoon, spending the evening out with our girls and some hot chocolate....we were perfectly content. What a simple, wonderful day. We really do have SO much to be thankful for.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, too!

Okay! That's All Folks!

That's all folks!


Cora said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day..lots of fun, joy and sharing of love!

A. Jarrett said...

What a wonderful day! Thanks so much for sharing your Thanksgiving images!

Char said...

adorable shots - and yes, it was the most perfect weather! so glad you all had a great holiday

Caroline said...

What great shots! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time...OMG...those pies and deserts!!! :)

Jessica said...

What a beautiful, beautiful Thanksgiving you had!

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Thanks for sharing your day. I enjoyed every picture, but your crazy little lady at the end just cracked me up. Isn't she just a doll!

A Day That is Dessert said...

This is such a lovely post! It looks like you had a most wonderful holiday. xo

Kylie said...

Oh wow! All the photos are gorgeous and sounds like you all had such a wonderful time! I love that beautiful rose and your sweet darling at the end - so cute!

Liss said...

That was such a cute photo to end the post with. Your weather looked perfect for the outdoor activities. although I am amazed any of you could move give the serious amount of yummy dessert laid out in the kitchen.

gkgirl said...

it looks like you had a fantastic thanksgiving!!
and i loooved those photos,
especially the kung fu
and the very last one...
so real and sweet.

Deven said...

How fun! Love your day! Especially Warm Eggs. ;-P What a hoot!