Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pink Christmas?

my girls

Yep! That's what my girls say! They wanted to wear a little something different this year for Christmas since we've worn all the smocked goodies, little jumpers, and Santa look-a-likes in the past. I agreed and I also must say that I couldn't help but click over to show them the fluffy little petticoat skirts that I found. I was imagining a cute red petticoat skirt with a cute white tee shirt, embroidered with a candy cane or something like that. However, once they saw the colorful selection, all they could think was pink, pink, pink! Emma chose a two-tone pink skirt and Claire chose black with pink ruffles. I suggested the red, of course, but decided that whatever color they chose would be alright and put in the order. We got the order yesterday(a quick 3 days later) and they were delighted! I must say that those pink skirts are just too cute.....and oh, the photo possibilities for Christmas and beyond!

After I had the rush of pink-holiday-visions once they were parading around in their twirly skirts, I couldn't help but browse through my Flickr contacts' holiday photos in search of pink. I found quite a selection. I see now that a little pink for the holidays may be just what this traditional red-and-green girl needs.

What about you? Are you the traditional-Christmas-color type or do you like to branch out in themes and pastel colors? My little ones may be dressed in pink this year, but I don't think I can part with my traditional and homemade Christmas decorations.

Now the big question.....are you ready for the Christmas season? Have you begun your shopping and/or crafting? To be honest, I'm almost finished with my shopping. (Did you hear my happy squeal?!) Our list was deliberately made shorter this year (like many people) and things seem just a little easier to manage. I still have some crafty things that I'd like to do for a few on my list and since they're not big projects, I'll fit them in during the next few weeks. I just hope my sewing machine remembers who I am! :P

Thanks for the early holiday chit-chat, friends!


Caroline said...'ll have to check out my blog! I am almost done decorating, finished shopping, and put a 3 ft. pink tree in my daughters room. I love pink at Christmas!

Char said...

ha! I'm one of those die-hard, will not decorate until after Thanksgiving kind of people. Otherwise I get way too sick of it all.

but I know the girls will be so thrilled.

I only buy 5 presents each year. One for each of the children and then the name I draw from the family. So, it's easily done.

Deven said...

Beautiful Skirts!

Does finishing the gift list count?

jess said...

We're chipping away at it little at a time... I don't want a plastic Christmas... and fortunately, my kids don't really care what I give them. Seriously. I am going to start decorating this week, but no tree till Dec 1st, unless DH can't control himself and he gets one sooner.
Please, do the pink Christmas! I love it! The whole POINT of the holidays is family, love, and darnit, be festive and celebrate life!

Julie said...

=) How fun! I love looking at all the pink stuff, because waaaaaaay deep down, there might be some girlie-girl in me, but we usually do a sort of old fashioned, homemade Christmas. I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas. I only have a few gifts bought and a list made, but I need to get busy!!! I am hoping to start my baking and candy making soon and to do it before I am overwhelmed and exhausted!

Jessica said...

I would like to think I'm a traditional Christmas color girl but every couple of years I like to spice things up with a 'warmer' palate. This year I have seen lots of teal with pink and it is making me swoon!

Cora said...

I don't have a lot of shopping to do, mostly for Holly and husband Richard and I do that through-out the year. I'm not a traditional decorator either....I use what I'm in the mood for, changing it up some each year. Sometimes vintage, sometmes country, sometimes a color theme is used....I just do whatever! I love Christmas and I'm a sucker for old vintage items even though I do NOT need one more piece of Christmas stuff. But I LOVE it!

gkgirl said...

loving those little skirts!!
so cuuuuuuuute!

and as far as christmas in my house,
i would start as soon as halloween ended,
but i do it slowly...
a piece of decorating at a time...
a gingerbread house here,
a string of lights there.

but shopping...
it all depends on what strikes me...
and so far...nothing.
but it will come.