Monday, October 26, 2009


simple things

The simple things in life:

quiet mornings
a good cup of coffee
mornings spent teaching my children
afternoon conversations
sunlight streaming in the windows
gentle breezes
line-dried clothes
the sound of happy children
smiling faces
wholesome foods
dinner at the table
playing Clue with the family
a clean kitchen at the end of the day
clean sheets
a good night's sleep

these are the daily, simple things that make life so grand.
the little things that add up to be the biggest thing of all.....My Life.
i love my full, busy, happy, and simple life.


This is my entry for last week's Lens.Us.Together. theme, Simplicity.

Last week went by in the blink of an eye! I really don't know where time is going anymore. October is basically over and Christmas catalogs are filling the mailbox everyday. Ack! Sometimes I really wish I could slow down those hands of time just a little. I can't seem to find time for anything lately. My poor camera keeps calling my name, Flickr is patiently waiting for the occasional upload, I'd love to join in with Self Portrait Challenge for November (but am wondering how I'll fit it in), oh - and that's not to mention my beloved blog(s).

I think that because we opted to school all summer so that we could take our break this winter instead, it has put us at our "end of the year crunch." We have just a little left to do, but that little is filling our days entirely with lots of work and review. We should completely wrap things
up by the third week of November, conveniently in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas
and hunting season ;) They can't wait and neither can I!

I am really looking forward to our break, the free time at the holidays, the slower pace because of it, the time my boys get to spend with their dad doing their most favorite thing in the world - hunting, extra kitchen time and holiday planning with my girls. Fun times ahead...if we can just make it through these next few weeks!


Corine said...

Hi! I really enjoyed reading this post.

I too love the simple little things in daily living, and also love homeschooling my 5 children, two of which are also twin boys (who just turned 15 a few days ago); what a lot to discover in common from one small reading!

I will probably return another day. Thanks! :D

Julie said...

I love that photo! (And your list!) I like the idea of a break in the winter. That is the perfect time for it. =) Maybe this summer we'll actually do lessons through it like I had planned to this past one!!!

Jessica said...

I love that list of the simple things you's so important to notice and honor those things in life. Enjoy this break--I always thought it would make sense to have a break between Halloween and New Years!

Nancy M. said...

Came by to visit your sweet blog through another.
It is very inspiring! I too love all the same "simple" things......My children are grown and I am blessed by their lives and the sweet grandchild I can now enjoy........Thank you for sharing....beautiful!-Mrs.M.

keli.h said...

Oh Sandra, this is beautiful. The image, the words ... it's all so wonderful. I love your list of simple things - so much so that I feel that I need to print it out and put it above my computer so that I remember that every morning. You are an inspiration.

spread your wings said...

a winter break would have been a dream to me growing up, well even now - to have time off during the holidays would be so lovely.
i love your photo and your simple things list.

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Your beautiful photo is a great representation of the simple things in life. Running water inside the house is something our ancestors would not have considered "simple" nor would peoples of poorer countries, but yet we take it so for granted that we hardly ever give it a second for today, perhaps we should declare a "hug your tap day"...he he

clairedulalune said...

Oh, i loved your list, and the "dinner at the table" sang to me!

Char said...

love your take on simplicity sure sure. a break is always good.

sounds like you deserve a well earned break

radiantreflections said...

Oh, the shot and words are so lovely.
How neat that you will be taking your break over Christmas/New Years. Here in NZ, school is out for those months as it is our Summer, its so weird to think that normally you would be still working/schooling etc. over that time - but it sounds like your winter months are going to be filled with lovely goodness!