Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Recap

Here's a little photo recap of our Halloween! Our weekend was absolutely great - full of fun times and wonderful family and friends. We had a blast getting all dressed up and being silly for a couple of hours. We seem to enjoy doing this more and more as the years go by and everyone participates just a little bit more every year. We have our huge weenie roast, homemade chili, chips and dip, cupcakes, candy, tons of prizes to collect along the scavenger hunt for the kids, and our big hay ride finale. SO much fun!

my little witch

my girls and me

scavenger hunt

10 31 09 085

10 31 09 134

happy halloween!

mermaid jewels

After the party, the cousins came home with my kiddos to spend the night. They still had plenty of energy to spend, so bowling in the hallway, chasing each other with sticky ghouls, eating more candy, and laughing together into the early morning hours is what they did while I sat back and watched them make some really awesome childhood memories. We ended up with a living room FULL of mattresses and six super tired, snoring kids. Who knew little ones could snore so loud?! Funny!

So, that's it....the big bash is over and the only thing that remains is the mountain of candy. If all works out well, I'll go grab the little hidden stashes this morning and go through them, putting away the large majority and bring out just a little at a time.

Now why do I feel like the Christmas holidays just made a startling appearance? Seriously! There are only 52 days until Christmas....Oh My! I almost feel the urge to get the decorations out of the attic and I actually wrote the words "Christmas gifts" on my shopping list for this week. Time flies - it really does. So much to do, so little time ;)

Happy Monday!


Char said...

love your party shots! it looks like such a wonderful time.

treeathie said...

Dentists claim it's better to eat all that sugar in one go! So I guess it's teeth vs. everything else (body, mood, etc.) What a decision.
Looks like you all had fun! :)

Jessica said...

Great costumes!!! 52 days until Christmas!!!! I'd better get moving!

Julie said...

It sounds like so much fun! You're right about Christmas...and I thought I was getting it together by just organizing my thoughts! lol! I better get things together for REAL! =D

Deven said...

How Fun!

;-P I do the same with the candy! If not, I have buzzing son. Scary!

I've begun to look for Christmas gifts too. I actually told the kidlets that we would be writing Santa this week. Plus, I will really work on homemade gifts this year. My goal is simple goodness.

gkgirl said...

oh...such happy halloween fun!
i love those photos...