Monday, September 21, 2009

I forgot to mention.....

etsy collage

...that I opened an Etsy shop
for my photography art prints!

It has been open for the last two months
and I just haven't taken time to mention it.
It is stocked with my more popular photographs and
I can have them in any size you want. If there
is something in particular from my Flickr stream
that you'd be interested in
that is not included there, just let me know and I
can have it added for you.

I plan on adding some postcards, note cards, and such
within the next couple of weeks, so check back
often if you're interested.


Okay - now back to reality...I'm off to go grocery shopping
and to search for new clothes for myself for
an upcoming wedding...I hope i get lucky :)

Happy Monday, Friends!


Liss said...

These are really cute and whimsical shots, best of luck with your store.

...they call me mommy... said...

Um...gorgeous! Postcards & notecards?! Sounds lovely!

Happiest Monday to you also!

Blessings, Sandra!

Char said...

congrats!!! you have gorgeous stuff and I know it will do great.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Good Luck! you have lovely pics!

Andrea, the collector said...

Congrats to you on the shop. I'll have to go check it out. You have some lovely photos!

Good luck wedding clothes shopping. (I originally typed "weeding clothes". Boy that would be easier to find, right?)

Julie said...

I've been admiring your Etsy shop! I think it's a wonderful idea and I wish you luck with it!! Someday I may follow suit and it seems much more appealing to sell photos that way than the way I've been doing it! =) Thanks for your comment on my photography angst the other day. ((HUGS))

Cora said...

Beautiful works of art...hope you sell lots and lots!

Amy said...

I keep coming back to soak these in. The hydrangea shots are my favorites.

Come peek at my blog. You've inspired me yet again!

elk said...

congratulations on your shop are filled with artistry and talent , may you enjoy this journey!

Citrus Hearts said...

Your work is gorgeous and your shop is lovely :)

gkgirl said...

ohhhhhhh...i love your photos...
definitely going to have to check out your
etsy shop!!!

and good luck with the clothes shopping...