Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Around here....

Things have been busy. Nothing in particular or out of the ordinary, just busy. That is a good thing, though. I do, however, miss the time I was used to spending on my blog and the time I spent with my photos. My month-long break really uprooted my whole routine in that area and now I find myself wondering how I did it, lol!

Here's what we've been up to:

We've been watching our new chicks grow. From week 1 to week 2....they change so quickly!

week 1
new little ones!

week 2
09 15 09 004-1
09 15 09 006-1

We've been working hard at school work all summer and so far this fall. I must say that we are looking forward to our upcoming break in November.

09 15 09 024-1

My little fall garden is coming along nicely. I cannot wait to get out there and harvest some green goodies.

baby cabbage

It has been raining so much lately. So much! Come on fall!

rain, rain, rain...

I've been spending a good portion of my possible blog/photo time wrapped up in a novel by Linda Berdoll, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. It's a continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but with a bit of an edgy side that surely wouldn't have been spoken of in Jane's time. I'm loving it :) I'm nearly finished with this one and have the next in Berdoll's series waiting at the library.

09 15 09 026-1

I've been shopping with my girls on an all day adventure trying to locate just the right pair of off-white dress shoes to match a flower girl dress that Emma will be wearing in an upcoming wedding. We searched high and low and finally found what we were looking for - the only pair of off-white shoes in her size in this city! Who knew simple, off white dress shoes would be so hard to find?!

09 15 09 031-1

Along with the dress shoes, we came away with yet more shoes and clothes to go with them. Fun times!

09 15 09 029-1

I finally published a link to my "butchering chickens" post for those who had interest.

I was heartbroken and sickened about the loss of Patrick Swayze. I just loved him in two of my most favorite movies ever. He was sooo great and he will be missed.

I even took some time and made myself a camera strap cover and took some photos to possibly put up a little tutorial of how I did it and how crazy-easy it is to do. However, I just haven't done it. I will, though :)

camera strap cover

I think I may just want to make another quilt. I love the freedom of the one in Bend-The-Rules-Sewing and love how my first one turned out, so I'm considering giving it another whirl. There is just something about this time of year that makes me start thinking in a crafty way!

The days are getting shorter as we can see the evening sneaking in just a little earlier, day by day. The temperatures have been back and forth - some days are literally a breath of fresh air and some days (like today) are so warm and humid I feel like a fish, lol! And, we know fall is just around the corner when these tiny little guys start zipping from one feeder to another. Do you see him? In the tree to the left little!

tiny hummingbird

sign of fall

Now, for today, I'm off to take Ms. Emma for her yearly Dr. checkup, then to the health food store to grab some supplements for my kiddos. I'm hoping that some good quality vitamin C, vitamin D, echinacea, and some probiotics will help keep all the cold and flu ickys at a minimum or at least better than last year. I certainly don't want another year like that one....the worst cold season for us - ever. Uggh...

Happy Wednesday!


Char said...

beautiful pieces of this and that. love the shots too - can you believe we're having such an early start to fall? I wonder if there is going to be an indian summer.

Amy said...

Loved this, Sandra! Lovely photos and a bunch of little tidbits that catch my own interests. It seems as if blogging has slowed for everyone but me lately, lol. As soon as my kids are tucked into bed, I get carried away and life is just so full of wonderful things lately. Thanks for sharing today...

sarah haliwell said...

Congratulations on your photography business, I hope it goes well! I always love your pictures.

Alas, I was not interested in your chicken butchering post but it came up in my Google Reader post anyway. I tried to look away, but caught glimpses ... well, I must thank you for reinforcing my vegetarianism, which had been waning lately! ;-)

Your blog looks so beautiful lately.

Liss said...

Wow very busy indeed. I find it amazing just how much we can do at times.

I like your website. I have fiddled with mooonfruit and I think it's easy to use but I have never really come up with a design that I like. Your website is well set out.

I love Emma's flower girl shoes :)

MrsMama said...

I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your lovely photos. Your new website looks great!

I might have to look for that book at the library. :)

randi said...

Great photos! I am going to pass on the butchering link. Things like that freak me out. What can I say, I was born and raised in Southern California where nothing like that takes place locally! :)

luksky said...

Summer had a horrible cold/flu last year also. A few months ago I decided to start the vitamins with echinacea thing and it has worked wonders. We have not had any illness episodes in 4 months.

gkgirl said...

yay! good luck with the photography!!!
i know you would be aweeeeesome at it...

and yes, i was sad about patrick swayze, too...