Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Morning!

early morning sunlight...

A gorgeous sunrise peeking through the windows - after a long three weeks full of
gray, cloudy, rainy skies, sunshine is most welcome.

zinnias in morning's first light...

The last of summer's zinnias
awakening in the early morning light.

our first eggs from our spring chickens :)

The first eggs collected from our spring chickens.

pumpkin butter

Last year's pumpkin butter to make me
remember the taste of good.


Breakfast of fresh hash-browns and eggs with fresh bread from the market
spread with pumpkin butter.

now, on with our day...

Now just a few leftover tidbits to clean, school to get in motion,
and the perfect daily routine to follow.

I love mornings, the peace and quiet, the coolness, the gradual shift of beautiful light as the sun rises, the possibility that lies ahead of us as everything is fresh and new again. I'm so glad we get to do this every day.

Hope your morning is beautiful!


I love the sweet smell of dawn -
our unique daily opportunity to smell time,
to smell opportunity -
each morning being, a new beginning.
~Emme Woodhull-Bäche

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tea Time

tea time

I wanted to share this little collage from last weekend's bridal luncheon in honor of my niece and her upcoming wedding...this weekend, in fact! Emma will be her flower girl, so we were invited to a "real" tea party to celebrate. The girls had the best time with all the fancy, frilly, girly goodness. The tea room was full of absolutely beautiful antiques and English character. We had tea and scones, followed by a really nice lunch, then dessert. After lunch, the girls both got a beautiful gift...monogrammed purses and bracelets. Really, we enjoyed it so much.

This week has been full of our yearly doctor checkups, gardening, animal care, last minute shopping for the wedding, and hemming of the beautiful little dress Emma gets to wear. She seems to be ready and excited about the rehearsal tomorrow and being able to do her part for the wedding. Claire is just as excited about watching from afar and not having to do a part, lol! Yes, she's my shy girl. :) I know the wedding will be beautiful - how can you go wrong with a wedding this time of year in those yummy fall colors? I can't wait!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Out of Focus

out of focus

that is exactly what life has been like lately.

out of focus
running behind

...all the things that demand
your immediate attention and make you
so happy to surrender to a more simple life.


For this week's Lens.Us.Together. theme, "Out of Focus"

It's funny how this theme fits in perfectly with my days lately.
Everything is moving around me so fast,
the days, the weeks ( I can hardly believe that the weekend
is here already!), the months - all seem to be moving past
in a blur. The constant rainfall we've had all month
hasn't helped with the icky, out-of-focus-ness
that I just can't seem to shake.

It certainly makes me appreciate the times
that seem so calm and simple...the times that my
homebody heart loves so dearly.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I forgot to mention.....

etsy collage

...that I opened an Etsy shop
for my photography art prints!

It has been open for the last two months
and I just haven't taken time to mention it.
It is stocked with my more popular photographs and
I can have them in any size you want. If there
is something in particular from my Flickr stream
that you'd be interested in
that is not included there, just let me know and I
can have it added for you.

I plan on adding some postcards, note cards, and such
within the next couple of weeks, so check back
often if you're interested.


Okay - now back to reality...I'm off to go grocery shopping
and to search for new clothes for myself for
an upcoming wedding...I hope i get lucky :)

Happy Monday, Friends!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who I See...

who i see.

To see myself....

I see a daughter, sister, wife, and mother.
I see someone who appreciates the differences in people.
I see someone who is constantly looking for the beauty in everything,
but has such a hard time finding the same in herself.

I see new wrinkles and my first gray hair sneaking in.
I see someone who is probably misunderstood.
However, I also see a friend, a supporter, a believer~
I am learning to like what I see - when I see myself.


for this week's Len.Us.Together theme, "Who I See."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Around here....

Things have been busy. Nothing in particular or out of the ordinary, just busy. That is a good thing, though. I do, however, miss the time I was used to spending on my blog and the time I spent with my photos. My month-long break really uprooted my whole routine in that area and now I find myself wondering how I did it, lol!

Here's what we've been up to:

We've been watching our new chicks grow. From week 1 to week 2....they change so quickly!

week 1
new little ones!

week 2
09 15 09 004-1
09 15 09 006-1

We've been working hard at school work all summer and so far this fall. I must say that we are looking forward to our upcoming break in November.

09 15 09 024-1

My little fall garden is coming along nicely. I cannot wait to get out there and harvest some green goodies.

baby cabbage

It has been raining so much lately. So much! Come on fall!

rain, rain, rain...

I've been spending a good portion of my possible blog/photo time wrapped up in a novel by Linda Berdoll, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. It's a continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but with a bit of an edgy side that surely wouldn't have been spoken of in Jane's time. I'm loving it :) I'm nearly finished with this one and have the next in Berdoll's series waiting at the library.

09 15 09 026-1

I've been shopping with my girls on an all day adventure trying to locate just the right pair of off-white dress shoes to match a flower girl dress that Emma will be wearing in an upcoming wedding. We searched high and low and finally found what we were looking for - the only pair of off-white shoes in her size in this city! Who knew simple, off white dress shoes would be so hard to find?!

09 15 09 031-1

Along with the dress shoes, we came away with yet more shoes and clothes to go with them. Fun times!

09 15 09 029-1

I finally published a link to my "butchering chickens" post for those who had interest.

I was heartbroken and sickened about the loss of Patrick Swayze. I just loved him in two of my most favorite movies ever. He was sooo great and he will be missed.

I even took some time and made myself a camera strap cover and took some photos to possibly put up a little tutorial of how I did it and how crazy-easy it is to do. However, I just haven't done it. I will, though :)

camera strap cover

I think I may just want to make another quilt. I love the freedom of the one in Bend-The-Rules-Sewing and love how my first one turned out, so I'm considering giving it another whirl. There is just something about this time of year that makes me start thinking in a crafty way!

The days are getting shorter as we can see the evening sneaking in just a little earlier, day by day. The temperatures have been back and forth - some days are literally a breath of fresh air and some days (like today) are so warm and humid I feel like a fish, lol! And, we know fall is just around the corner when these tiny little guys start zipping from one feeder to another. Do you see him? In the tree to the left little!

tiny hummingbird

sign of fall

Now, for today, I'm off to take Ms. Emma for her yearly Dr. checkup, then to the health food store to grab some supplements for my kiddos. I'm hoping that some good quality vitamin C, vitamin D, echinacea, and some probiotics will help keep all the cold and flu ickys at a minimum or at least better than last year. I certainly don't want another year like that one....the worst cold season for us - ever. Uggh...

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It was a picnic kind of day...

it was a picnic kind of day

That is just what today was. We started our day as usual, completed our school work around noon, then made ourselves a picnic so we could go outside and enjoy our lunch in the beautiful weather.

we ate with chopsticks

We even ate with chopsticks....Fun!

Claire finally gave up on her chopsticks and reached for a fork to eat her scrambled eggs (yep, that's what she wanted ;)

she finally gave up and went with a fork

Ethan, Isaac, and Emma all had sandwiches with their favorite fixin's.

I couldn't leave those fresh flowers in the house by I brought them out for us to enjoy in that divine early fall sunlight. I do love this time of year....sigh.

fresh flowers, too.

Next up - reading!

09 09 09 023

We had some fruit while the boys took turns reading the last book in a series of books by Bruce Coville. We have really enjoyed these books....even the girls.

09 09 09 027

I borrowed a really cute new book from the library about Scaredy Cats...a little family of felines who are afraid of everything, but learn in the end that it's good to be brave. I'm hoping the little message these kitties have to tell will help tame Emma's newly-found six year old phobias :)

reading a book

And as we finished with lunch and reading and we were sitting around on my thrifted quilt, enjoying the slight breeze in the shade of our backyard oak tree while talking to each other, I see these sweet, happy faces smiling back at me.

happy girl


The joy that comes from the privilege of being home with them every day nearly fills my heart to overflowing.....I love them so. I love our days, our routine, our lessons, our togetherness. How blessed this life is.


pasta and veggies

On another note.....Wondering what I'm eating during our picnic? Since I said that I'd share more about what I'm eating and how those changes are working for me, I thought I'd let you know what this is :)

I've given up dairy and animal products, but I have had a little fish. I've only been using extra virgin olive oil for fat, some flax oil as a supplement, and eating only fresh fruits and veggies with just a bit of some type of whole grain for my meals.

This is what I had for both breakfast and lunch today (some days I just don't feel like oatmeal) and it is simple, easy, and yummy.

I have no recipe, but can tell you how I put it together:

I put just a pinch of whole grain pasta on to cook while I cut up one small onion, a whole zucchini squash, one piece of celery and about 3 ounces of mushrooms - all sliced on my mandolin slicer (I love that thing!). I added a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and sauteed all the veggies until they were just tender then I tossed in my pasta and seasoned with salt and pepper. (I shoot for a ratio of 10-20% pasta and 80-90% veggies) YUM!

Simple, fresh, honest food (falling in line quite perfectly with some macrobiotic cookbooks I've been reading) has been my goal. I've begun the process of being more mindful of what I'm putting in my body and where it came from and what energy and life I expect from it. Now, I just wait for the results???

I'm sure they are to come :)


Hope everyone is having a beautiful week and I hope you all get a chance to have a "picnic kind of day" very soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



in its youth
it proudly sat upright
a treasured form of transportation
a value beyond measure


left behind




This is my second entry for the new Lens.Us.Together. blog that I mentioned last week. This week's theme is Abandoned and I thought this old, deserted wagon would be perfect for it.

It made me consider what life may have been like for it
when it was new. When it was a modern convenience.
Long before "real" roads were put in, long before a trip to town
was less than an all day (or two) affair, long before horses
lost their place in front.

What a treasure it must have been....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guess what the postman brought....!

what did we get in the mail?

Yesterday we received a box in the mail.

It was full of holes, full of yellow fluff, full of chirping sounds.....

You guess it!

new little ones!

New chicks!

a whole box full!

A whole box full!
We ended up with 27 new babies to nurture and love for the next 8 weeks.


They were really thirsty upon arrival.....they drank and drank and drank!
Finally they were satisfied with their food and water and enjoyed spending the night under their warming light. These little girls grow incredibly fast...I think I'll snap a photo every other day
or so just to keep track of their progress. They're really fun to raise!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Where I Live......

where i live

i live where little hands pick flowers
where windows are smudged
where the table is always full
where i hold the hand of my best friend
where there are wide open spaces
where the air is humid and warm
where my garden grows
where my hands create
where my mind is free
where love abounds


I'm happy to share this new venture with you....


all held together in one lovely new place
by about 35 women
who adore all these things.

I'm proud to be a part of it!
Come over and visit us along with our
weekly photography projects for the next 52 weeks!

You can find us here: