Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Creativity

There was a lot of this type of creative concentration going on
around our house this weekend.


We all spent time outside in the fresh, beautiful, warm air....
observing and drawing, then painting in with our watercolor pencils,
all the things that we each found interesting.

busy hands

We ended up with lots of great drawings and colorings along with
some really bright and cheery watercolor paintings.
On the photo below, Claire's version of a parade is positioned at
top left, Isaac's version of a dandelion is at top right, Ethan drew and painted
detailed leaves blowing in the wind at bottom left, and Emma painted a
springtime ladybug.

weekend watercolor

At the girls' requests, I drew and painted a red daisy,
possibly to be framed and hung on the bathroom wall, and a
"sunshine man," who fit the theme of the weekend perfectly.

mommy art

Hope your weekend was also warmer, sunnier, and full of creative goodness!


Julia said...

How fun! What a good idea. I love your busy hands picture. I can't wait until it's warm enough here to do stuff like that. Probably another month though :(

randi said...

I love how your photo collages looks! So pretty!

dawn said...

looks like you had a great, sunny weekend being a creative journey! wasn't the weather just absolutely perfect? ahhhhhhhhh!

dawn said...

oops...HAVING a creative journey! :)

jessica said...

My weekend was...and then it got cooler and grayer...but it should reverse again!

Leslie said...

those are beautiful paintings...what a fun way to pass the weekend