Tuesday, March 10, 2009

right now

have a seat.

i'm up early, as usual

watching the sun peek through the clouds

anticipating another warm, sunny spring day

hearing the birds chirp in anticipation, too

smelling the cool, sweet air coming through my window

feeling better as the days get longer and warmer

drinking coffee with chocolate whipped cream - mmm

wanting to take a day away with my camera

intending to make my girls some skirts today

listening to this song and this artist...many times now :)

enjoying bringing art back into our daily lives

wondering how productive our garden will be this year

loving my hubby and thinking of how great a date night would be

looking at the bright pink and fuchsia azaleas blooming right outside the window

wanting to visit the local gardens before the azalea blooms fade

remembering what a great day I had with my boys yesterday

hoping to accomplish some personal goals I have set for myself

believing that dreams really are achievable

cherishing the moments I've been given

feeling thankful for great friends, both online and off :)

feeling grateful for those of you who spend a moment of your busy days visiting me

and I'm wishing you all a lovely Tuesday!


Nina said...

A truly simple and lovely daybook entry. You sound so very happy this morning. :)

Anonymous said...

nice to read! have a great day!
stephanie (cherishingmydays)

Lynn said...

It sounds wonderful! We are enjoying the same weather, it seems. Don't you love hearing the birds?! I listened to and watched a mocking bird today. I think the mocking bird is my favorite. Well, each song bird is my favorite at some point. ;)


Anonymous said...

hey sandra!
i hope all is well with you and yours after yesterday's events in southern alabama. :(

Jessica said...

I hope your Wednesday was as lovely as your Tuesday. I really love these 'right now' posts. It looks like your days are really lovely right now!

...they call me mommy... said...

Neat idea...right now...love it! :)