Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Took A Little Break...

collection of vintage quilts unintended break, but I got a lot accomplished! This week has been full in a great way and there was lots of spring cleaning going on. Yep. I think spring fever has hit me and I've begun the very much needed spring clean up and clean out!

living room

Everything is having its turn being moved, wiped, washed, dusted, packed away, moved out, donated, organized, gone through.......and I mean everything. The blinds, the curtains, the blankets, the bed linens...all washed.

antique rocker

The closets, the dressers, the clothing left over from last summer, all gone through and separated with some to keep and some to give away. The little trinkets and do-dads collected over time (you know those dust collectors)have been dusted, the enormous piles of photos were organized, the boxes of photo frame "parts" that have me wondering what I was thinking, have been tossed; the papers, letters, cards, and little mementos that were overflowing from the storage box they were in - all done......everything!

a little peg rack

My sewing table was uncluttered and the fabric sorted and folded. My patterns were reorganized and I found a few goodies that I forgot I had ;) Now with a clean space to work, my excuses are running out, lol!

sewing table

My bedroom was in need of some new curtains and I've been thinking about what to put in here....something simple and clean looking, similar to a valance, and then I remembered the antique pillowcases that I had folded away in my linen closet. Voila! They worked like a charm! I have four fairly small bedroom windows and I just took these pillowcases and draped them over the curtain rods and had instant valances! I like the vintage look and the simple white on my windows...especially this time of year. The best part is that they were free!

And, even though we still have very minor cosmetic details to finish in the everlasting bathroom remodel....I thought I'd share this photo. The cabinets are white, the walls are very light yellow, I added a few red accessories and red rugs. Now just to add some white switchplates and a few paint touch ups and we're done!

newly remodeled bathroom

So, now you can see why I didn't have one bloggy minute to spare this week :) I did upload a few pics to Flickr to keep up with my gratitude {365} blog and that was the extent of my computer time. I'm still not totally finished with the house and still have a few somewhat major areas I'd like to reorganize next week. I just hope my spring fever-induced energy spurt holds out, lol!

by the can click on the photos above for a little more info about the shots :)


Amy said...

Well, I suppose I must forgive you for your absence, and even more, for posting and then pulling it, leaving me to wonder all week what you were thinking about (only your title shows up on my blogroll). You got so much done! I'm a bit jealous since that is very needed here, too.

I just wanted to tell you that whenever I have extra browsing time, I always head to your blog and check out your links. Thanks for organizing them so well and for updating regularly.

By the way, your "curtains" are so pretty and your bathroom looks fresh and lovely. I love what you've done.

jess said...

All those pics are great! I love your sewing space and those quilts. The bathroom, that is great!

dawn said...

okay friend, how about heading on over my way now that you're done with your house? :-)

hey, is that a wooden spool-a-ganza i spied? hmmmmmm.....

glad you had some good time off, but we missed you! glad you're back and feeling fresh!

...they call me mommy... said...

It all looks so beautiful and the curtain idea!!! :-)

clairedulalune said...

What a fantastic idea for your windows! I just did a major spring clean as well, i think you can see more dust in the spring sunlight, this time of year! Beautiful home!

simplyblogged said...

I love those white linen curtains. I was just looking at linen online to make some. I love the little touches to yours, and they were free. wow.

Kate in NJ said...

We are in need of some MAJOR spring cleaning here as well!! And de-cluttering.

"Dove" said...

The house looks fresh and clean and ready for spring. Doesn't it feel good to clean out and simplify? The pillowcase was brilliant. Looks lovely, and very light. The bathroom looks great too. I'm glad you had such a productive spring break! I'd like to send my clutter your way to be tamed. :)