Thursday, February 5, 2009

mr. february


"The flowers of late winter and early spring
occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion
to their size." ~Gertrude S. Wister

mr. february, oh how you make me long for the bright and warm days of spring

why do you leave me feeling so uninspired every year?

maybe it's because you take all the color of life with festive color left from the holidays and seemingly so long before the first bright blooms of next month

all desire to create slowly drains from me during your long stay...every.year.

i search for inspiration but can't find anything but dead grass, dirt, tattered leaves, firewood debris, frost bitten ferns.....all brown, all dead

i carry my camera with me, deliberately seeking for signs of life, for some color, for anything pretty.....


until today.

i did find these pink beauties smiling at me from the fresh flower counter and had to have them i love color, bright and cheery

the delicate petals, the soft floral scent, the long stems in my favorite glass vase...

these make you, mr. february, a little more tolerable

i suppose i can tolerate the last long weeks of winter and use them for rest and rejuvenation rather than speed-crafting, planning overload, and the constant run-around that spring and summer will inevitably bring.....

i can tolerate the last colorless days of winter knowing God's bountiful show of color, life-giving warmth, longer days, and warm rains to nourish the ground are on the way

i can think ahead to all the days i can fill with flower planting, flip flops, kids playing outside, capris, park days, relaxing on the backyard swing, morning walks, late evening walks after supper, cold glasses of sweet tea, fresh salad greens, fresh sliced tomatoes with every meal, sweet strawberries....

yes, i know all the things i love about the rest of the year wouldn't seem so dear to me if it weren't for you bringing me to rock bottom

but, because i have made a commitment to strive for excellence in my life this year, i will try very hard to see your presence as more of a blessing, the blessing of another year, the blessing of very quiet days spent inside, the blessing of rest, the blessing of time to read more than i normally do, the blessing of reading to my kids even more, the blessing of cold temps in contrast to the summer heat, the blessing of knowing that you are just a part of this cycle that i can't imagine doing without

okay.....i'm all better now :)

How about you? Are you a fan of Mr. February.....or not?


Julie said...

I wouldn't call myself a fan of Mr. February, but I guess I'm doing ok! It IS hard to find inspiration when it's in the single digits outside, little color and we're stuck in the house. :) Hang in there!! I, too, look forward to spring! It will be all that much sweeter when it finally arrives!

"Dove" said...

Dear Mr. February,

You are such a tease here in the south. Ice storms blow in one day and shut down schools, luring me into thinking even southerners can enjoy a true winter. We dig out mittens and scarves from the depths of the coat closet and hurry outside to see if flurries will fall from the sky. Anything? Anything at all that we can play in?

The next few days you reward us with temperatures in the low 70's. I dig to the back of the closet for my favorite pair of capri pants, tricked into thinking the warm front is here to stay. Thanks to visits from Mr. November and Mr. December, my capri pants don't fit me the way they did last time I wore them. Oh bother!

Mean old Mr. February. I can't figure you out. You keep me guessing. I guess that's why we call you Mister.

Kate in NJ said...

Yikes! Dove's comments remind me I won't fit into my capris this spring if I'm not careful!
I was going to bake a birthday cake for DH (Saturday). We finally got just enough snow to play in, so I'm happier with Mr February than I normally would be. ;-)

...they call me mommy... said...

I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO YOUr LETTER TO "DEAR MR. FEBRUARY"! :-) Mid-west winters are a little bit dreary to say the least...
I am just trying to find the good in the gray each and every day! Yea! :P (I know, horrible but poetic at the same time, huh?)
A mug of hot chocolate, a good book, sewing time, an awesome photograph (which you have provided more than once, I might add :)), my kids in snuggly pjs etc...
Thanks for the beautiful photo and laugh for my cold day today! :)

Jessica said...

The only thing I like about Mr. February is that he is only 28 degrees and the days get that much longer. Other than that, Mr. February and I can go our own ways.