Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introduce Myself...Week 3

This is my submission to week 3 of Self Portrait Challenge that I've been sharing here on the blog ;)

pieces of me

This week I'll tell some random things about myself.....the pieces of me that fit together.

I like to get up very early in the morning
I also like to stay up late at night....maybe that's why I don't get much sleep ;)
I've never seen "real" snow
I don't like much jewelry...the simpler the better
I love chocolate
I hate shopping for myself
I love shopping for my kids
I don't drink soda
I love iced tea
I didn't drink coffee until after my twins were born, then it became necessary to make it through the day :)
I need time alone like I need air to breathe
I don't like big crowds
I have 2 younger brothers and no sisters
I love reading and writing
I usually dress in dark colors....never light colors or anything pastel
I love my husband
I'm happily married
I'm always very self conscious
I try not to be
I'd love to be more outgoing
But feel more at ease being a loner
I don't like cliques or feeling like I need to fit in
Sometimes, I make a point not to fit in just to prove that I don't have to ;)
I have always lived in rural south Alabama
I love it here
However, I hate our humid summers
I tend to over-think just about everything
My mind never stops
I wish I had learned how to play the guitar
and the piano
I love music....all kinds
I've always been fascinated by far back as I can remember, photos of all kinds have captured me

*So, there you have it ..... just a random sprinkle of me!


Julie said...

It's been so lovely "meeting" you! And the photo you've used this post is a fantastic one of you.

jess said...

I look forward to reading these- it's revealing not only yourself to us, but it's making us look at ourselves, as well. Not critically, but in a more accepting way. Seeing these words in print validate the similar ways we feel...
(oh yeah, you DO have to get quilting again! :o)

Spaz said...

Hi the picture, you are a beautiful woman!

Love your helps to know you better and causes one to think about themself and their own sprinklings ;~)

sarah said...

It was so interesting to read this. I love your weblog and am glad to get to know you a little better.

PS, what a beautiful, strong face you have.

...they call me mommy... said...

Thanks for sharing a few 'pieces' of your life, Sandra! :)

aswewalk said...

I love "meeting" you. I'm sure we'd be fast friends in real life.

Brenda said...

Loved reading more about you. We are a lot a like.

Andrea said...

It is wonderful to see your portrait and read a bit about you! Can relate to some things...such as being happily married and feeling comfortable being alone and needing alone time. (I think I come from a lone wolf clan sometimes!) Can't imagine others...going to bed late AND waking up early? Rural Alabama? No real snow ever? :) Makes me want to visit Alabama just to see what it's like...just not in the summer!

Thank you for sharing your portrait in words and a photo. Have a lovely day.