Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a new project

on the needles....

I'm trying to figure out this knitting thing. I have previously used all cotton yarn and things went pretty easily. However, I used an acrylic yarn for the red scarf that I spent way too much time trying to make. The acrylic just did not knit very easily. It was always snagging and seemed to "pull" too tightly as I was stitching along and every stitch took a concentrated effort. Although I finished it and the color was great, I wasn't very thrilled with it.

So, after getting over my slight bit of knitting discouragement, I decided the best thing to do would be to start another project, maybe a little easier, and see how it goes from there. I had already knit a dish cloth a few weeks ago and it has quickly become my favorite. So, I decided that I'd try to make another from this gorgeous aqua colored cotton yarn. I cast on the stitches and found myself shocked at how incredibly easy it was to knit. Then I thought about the yarn difference and realized that this must have been the problem with my last project. Maybe??

Maybe the acrylic yarn would be better used with crochet instead of knitting since you'd be dealing with a hook instead of needle - I'm not sure. I just wish there were actually choices in the stores where yarn is concerned. In all the major stores in my area, the only option is acrylic. I have heard of a small yarn store in town that I still need to check out and I'm hoping she'd have some natural stuff....otherwise, it's online I go :) Either way, I do know that I'll be paying much closer attention to the yarn I choose for my projects from now on.

I want to start a hat project soon, so do any of you awesome knitting ladies know of a really easy beginner hat to start with? I saw a beginner one that simply said "take measurements, knit rectangle, stitch seam, and gather top. " I can figure it all out except the "gather top" one, lol. Where do you gather it and where does the gathered part go? Hmmmm....I've got lots to figure out here!

On a different note, did you notice I had a little too much fun with my photo for this post? When I noticed the aqua yarn against my red mug of afternoon coffee yesterday, I reached quickly for the camera and had a long photo session with this little piece of a dish cloth, lol! I even took down my little vintage Santa header in exchange for my aqua and red photos....they're my favorite colors and I couldn't resist! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Tonya said...

fabric content makes all the difference when knitting, IMO. I cannot stand acrylic yarn! It doesn't hold it's shape and I hate the way it feels while I am knitting it. I am a very tactile person. I am blessed to have two yarn stores where i live, but I still order online. My favorites are and Very reasonably priced, natural fiber yarns. Also 100Purewool has gorgeous wool and dyed yarn for very good prices. Very soft and so nice to knit with.

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, You know that I have no clue, but I do love your eye for color and form.
Just lovely. I can't post photos right now due to my computer issues, but I'm working on it.

"Dove" said...

I'm not a knitter, so I have no advice on yarn, but I must say that aqua color is divine. I would love working with such a gorgeous color! I think aqua ANYTHING would be cute. :) In fact, an aqua dish cloth might even make doing dishes fun.

Might. Maybe.

An aqua dish cloth and someone else to do the dishes. There we go. FUN.