Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Past Few Weeks......

.....have felt so busy for me! It seems to just be one of those phases where you are constantly (or, at least your brain is) on the go, but nothing seems to really get done. You feel lazy in one way, but completely exhausted and unmotivated in another you know what I mean? It's kind of like walking around half asleep, lol! Yesterday was a little more productive, so I'm hoping this "phase" is phasing out! Let's see, what have I done over the past few weeks.....

  • school work with the kids
  • wash dirty laundry
  • hang it all out to dry
  • fold all the laundry
  • put it all away
  • eaten way too much bread and halloween candy (gasp!)
  • found that I can fit into some jeans that I've been holding onto for about 5 years....that made me happy!
  • sewed a little
  • knitted a little
  • went to garage sale with my dad and found these goodies!

  • slept more than usual
  • did grocery shopping
  • fit in a bit of Christmas shopping
  • voted
  • cooked three meals a day, as usual
  • went to church
  • avoided calling my dentist for a needed appointment....I really hate going to the dentist :(
  • took some Christmas photos for a sweet little family
  • took my next upside down self portrait for the SPC
  • washed dishes (the never ending job)
  • cut grass (for the last time until spring...I hope)
  • raked pine straw to mulch my flowerbeds
  • making plans for Christmas gifts (the ones I need to make)
  • ran into an old friend from high school and chatted with her and her husband for at least 30 minutes in Target :)
  • browsing the internet for the all the needful things my kids want and discussing with them whether they really want these things or do they just want the image portrayed in those (now hidden) Christmas catalogs.....
  • talking a lot about the Book of Revelation with my boys.....they are finding it increasingly fascinating and are constantly looking at its verses.
  • listening to Emma (5 1/2) talk, talk, talk, talk, talk........she has so much to say these days :)
  • watching Claire do a lot of growing up.....she'll be 4 in February (I can't believe it!)
  • had a blogging clog........I honestly can't think of much to say or have much to show, hence the non-directional post today :-)
  • just lots of living, noticing, treasuring, absorbing the little moments

Do you ever have phases like this?

Happy Thursday!


Tonya said...

Yep, I think (hope) I am coming out of one. When you write it all down, you see you have done a LOT. My Mom always tells me that just doing my normal day with nothing extra is a huge deal. I guess she is right, but sometimes I feel so unproductive.

Cherishing My Days said...

me to
it seems i am always in planning mode, but having to wait, wait, wait to put things into action (moving into a new house, but not being able to make curtains because i do not know how big the windows are). or unmotivation can hit me because what i want to do is bigger than i have time for, etc. looks like you HAVE done alot, though. it's good to get that down on paper sometimes. :)

knitsational said...

I am definately in a phase like that. And my girls are taking advantage of it. I'd better snap out of it soon before they tear the house down!

Amy said...

Well, you've certainly gotten a lot done when you weren't doing anything. :)

It certainly helps to step back and look at it from a different perspective. I like to keep a "got done" list vs. a "to do" list sometimes. Much more realistic!

And don't forget that you're still very inspirational even when you're in a slump. Now that's something to be proud of!

Greg, Jessy, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Ah! I read your blog the same morning you posted on mine. My first thought was, "Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one!" Seriously. It has to be the time change. Hang in there lady.

dawn said...

you just read my mind. and i was starting to feel just a little worried because i have been feeling so untethered lately! thanks for the perspective and reality check. we'll push through it!