Thursday, August 21, 2008

A few lazy days and a new pincushion :)

Last weekend as I sat around watching the rain showers and feeling terribly lazy, I found a tutorial for this awesome patchwork pincushion and had to make one. I like the size of's not too small nor too big, but it easily holds plenty of pins for whatever job I'm doing.

patchwork....front side

The patchwork on the front is from a few red scraps that I couldn't bear to toss and the back is solid coordinating floral. After about an hour, I had a new pincushion in just the right size. This was definitely an easy, stress relieving craft to do while stuck inside during the rainy part of summer. I just love how it came out and the color combo is my that red ;)

solid floral side

I also went around the seam of the pincushion with my first attempt at the embroidered chain took a bit to get the idea to take form, but when I was nearly finished, it started to shape into what I had pictured. A few more rounds of practice and I'll have it down ;)


Tori said...

That is a very pretty pin cushion, great job. BRAVO!

Jessica said...

That is a great pincushion! I bought a very very ugly one from JoAnn's yesterday because I was desperate and threw away my old tomato. Now I'm thinking I should follow that tutorial and make myself something nice to use!

Kate in NJ said...

That is lovely!
I really need to learn to sew.
You inspire me.

jona said...

That's adorable! I wish it would rain here (maybe I'd get something done that way)!

carrie said...

Very cute pincushion! As always, Sandra, you inspire me!