Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Playing Chicken!

Rhode Island Red Rooster

This guy is one of our nearly two dozen chickens :) He's a Rhode Island Red rooster and although his spurs look a bit scary, he's really one of the easiest-going roosters we've had. He's enclosed with about 8 hens and another rooster. I do believe that keeps a much more even temperament between the roosters because when just a single rooster is enclosed alone with hens, he is very temperamental (or cocky, lol!) and you have to be ever cautious about those spurs and in which direction he's aiming them!

Red Rooster :)

This black and white girl is really pretty...her colors are so striking. I can't remember if she's a Brahma or Barred Rock...? Anyway, it doesn't matter, my kids love her no matter what breed she is.

Black & White Beauty

We've also got Rhode Island Whites....they are perfectly white all the time. It's amazing how those feathers repel any stains or dirt.

Hello, world!

The contrast of the red and white makes for a really beautiful chicken....or handsome rooster, that is :)

Rhode Island White Rooster

One of the biggest benefits of having chickens is that we have fresh eggs every day. They lay especially well in early spring....for Easter we usually dye about 80 eggs. The kids love it! We also eat a lot of eggs. We make omelets or have them scrambled (with diced onions, my fave) for breakfast, we use them to make a great quiche for dinner, deviled eggs, and for our general cooking. It is just great to walk outside and gather a few eggs each time you need to use them.

fresh eggs....everyday

However, other uninvited guests like to hang out in the chicken pens during this time of year. You have to be careful of where you're walking or you may have a face full of these:


At least they keep many of the mosquitoes and other flying insects away from our chickens!

Here are a few links to browse through in case you're interested in getting a few chickens of your own:

Check out this dreamy chicken chickens would be so jealous! Think you may like your own chickens? Check out Backyard Chickens: Raising Chickens 101. And, if you're ever in need of quirky chicken sayings...look here, there's no telling what you may find ;)


Carrie said...

Goodmorning, Sandra!

I bookmarked the chicken coop *dream house*. Thank you, because I was looking for good chicken coop plans. They look so beautiful.
I am sure you are having a wonderful time with them..


Randi said...

I will admit to some chicken jealousy! We have enough room for them, but our covenants for the property say that chickens are a no-no. I never realized I would want some when we first moved here!


Darlene said...

I have plans of getting a dozen baby chicks next spring. I have nearly 2 acres fenced in for my horse and goats - the fence is like a wall so nothing can easily come in or go out. I want to get Buff Brahmas and Buff Orpingtons. I've read they are very gentle and are hardy in the cold winters.

Your chickens are very beautiful. I'm not going to get a rooster, though - my neighbors wouldn't like the early morning crowing!

Tami said...

I love your ladies and your fellas! I cannot wait until we finally get our hens. Have a blessed week. Love, Tami